Unpleasantries Abundant

by Bukowski Family

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A the ruthless sun pushes away the morning mist...
It's time to gather the herd onto the pastures once more! Bukowski Family goes hunting again, this time creating human mobiles, nailing over eager followers to chairs and making leather suits out of gasoline doused vagrants so it's bound to be a joyful occasion for everyone! Or is it? Would you wish to be embedded into a wall and have your eye sockets used as a lamp? Didn't think so.

Five songs with inhuman fates not to be wished upon even your worst enemy or as they put it "breaking flesh is trivial but breaking one’s self…now that is the ultimate absence of pleasure"

Album includes official video for the Carne Humana and 3 different poster designs.


released June 15, 2013



all rights reserved


Bukowski Family California

Bukowski Family case history is marred with such atrocities as cannibalism, perverted human dismemberment, general unpleasantness and musical ruthless massacre.

Brace yourselves to see everything you deem precious torn apart and dragged out to the backyard to be burned in a stinking pile of waste. If it is holy to someone, it surely can be defiled.
"This is not a band, this is a death squad."
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Track Name: Chair Of Repentance
Implore, like you knew any of us
Weep at the ruin of all that was you

Delusions of befriending the beast
Led you straight into the grimy fucker's lair


Since you hauled your skanky ass in here
place your palms on your knees and here you will stay

We'll crucify you with railroad spikes but the wood replaced with flesh and bone

Will you repent
Will you repent the sins we make
Will you repent
The wrong turn that brought you here

Still find strength to release yourself
But look at the cost, you stumbled upon the floor
See what lies beneath your skin

I piss your wounds afresh, sweaty lump of meat
Look what you made me do
Happy now? Let me make you smile some more

Will you repent
Will you repent the sins we make
Will you repent
The wrong turn that brought you here

Cuntsweat I swear you regret the dawn you were born
I puke within your grin
Tear out your throat and stuff it with some fuck

You will repent
You will repent the sins we make
You will repent
The last turn that brought you here
Track Name: Carne Humana

Ephemeral, the murals of flesh
Watching, in horrendous awe
A skull-light living encased within
The very walls it elucidates
A suited abode for those we enthrall
Nourished by their own weakened meat
Ah, the splendor of carne humana
Shall we begin?

We tear your dreams from within you into our extremes
A reality undesirable to those with normal aspirations

Why should we spare you if you are willing to torment yourself
Breaking flesh is trivial but breaking one’s self…
Now that is the ultimate absence of pleasure

Torn flesh, the essence of man
Deflowered, carved upon a wooden pedestal
Sheer force of bestial hunger
We embrace, we devour

You never should have come here
Even the concoctions of the sickest minds
don't apply here
We surpass all that has gone before
carne humana, we embrace suffering
Track Name: Fountain Of Woe

As the ruthless sun
pushes away the morning mist
The Herd gathers to the fountain
their aching bodies, stiff from the dusty ground
the wretches are forced to lay upon
warming each other, the nights are cold

summer turns to fall
Godless, who knows for how long
they have been here

Today, a swollen body in the fountain
the water dirty now but a dire need to drink
Iszik itt, we say
the body is dragged away, placed on a hay pole

Another day goes by, the fallen watching
The Herd haunting the pastures
Others tried to dig their way out
under the razor wire fence

they dig deep with broken fingers
until their hands ultimately fail
but the fence is in too deep in the hard ground
all attempts prove futile

Sun comes up later and later
the days turn in to gray, the air is getting colder
summer is dying, you can smell it in the air

fountain is dried out, desperate tries to lick the dew
from the watchers of the field
a horrid taste of infected boils
they cannot speak anymore, clamor replaces speech

One by one they slump to the ground
limbs failing from athropy
weak from starvation

grotesque human experiment
waiting for salvation, craving for relief
but they wanted to be thinner
they desired anorexia
they felt sick in their healthy bodies
in their wealthy lives

Is this the happiness you seek?
A withered corpse on a pole
Happiness we bestow gladly
And you will never be alone

A sea of poles, as far as eye can see
You, dear, are just a drop in that ocean

As the ruthless sun
pushes away the morning mist
The Herd gathers to the fountain
Track Name: The Perversion Of The Grim Tanner
Near the tree line
is a beaten steel barrel
with a naked man inside

Uncle picks up the crank
He's deaf to supplication

hand with a dislocated finger
starts to reel the bucket of pain

underneath it, a hung(a)ry fire
waits for the drops of fat

Bullet holes grind the skin and flesh
as Uncle hastens the suffering

vomit merges with shit
tears dry in his eyes

Uncle lifts the blistering bastard
out in the sun

in the cooling shade of blossoming apple trees
bleeding skin burning
He kneels down

a hardened hand strokes the charred hair

like a loving father cradles his own
Uncle washes the skin
with a gasoline flow

a thick leather suit made from others
tight and wet just like a womb

claustrophobic horror makes breathing hard
impossible to move, faded rope ties the body down

The Cathrine Wheel swaggers
as his journey to suffocation begins

Little by little lungs run out
bör öltöny (bö’ör öltöini) tightens up

keeping the moisture inside
Hour after hour the wheel spins

the skin is turning sluggish
it peels and sticks
on old lining of the human sack

Like ragged ol' overcoat
the joints are giving up

can't move but you know
from the seething of your hands
that you could undress them like gloves

You're becoming just another layer of the skin suit

As the sun lays down again
Uncle still spins the squeaking wheel

slowly round n' round
little by little the skins coalesce
in the Perversion of the Grim Tanner